Keeping a longer concentration span while studying tips

One of the things a lot of students struggle with is keeping a long concentration span to study. What a lot don’t realize is that this is often because they set themselves up for failure by not following a simple set of rules. I’m not a student anymore (I used to be of course) but I still have problems with this. Look below for some great tips to avoid this:

1. Take your concentration span in account. For most healthy people, this at around three minutes. This seems short but this is the reality of the human brain. studying-girlMake sure you keep a 1 minute break after this time and continue the cycle.
2. Provide rhythm and regularity in your life. The more regularity in sleep, nutrition, study schedule, the better you function
3. Study actively: ask yourself questions about the matter (“What is it about?” “What do I understand of it?”), make notes, underline and summarize.
4. Promote focus on the study material: make schedules, do old exams, take questions, discuss the matter with fellow students
5. Find a workplace that supports study
6. Limit distractions (seek a quiet place, do not focus on other things around you, put a ‘do not disturb’ sign up, close your phone, etc.)
7. Work with a clear and achievable mission
8. Exchange of study and leisure time off: so you better keep it full and charge you again
9. Send yourself to wander tactfully back to what you’re doing again. When you think of other things, write it down briefly and bring your attention back again to your fabric.
10. Provide timely attention to distracting thoughts or persons

1. Don’t pay attention to your concentration arch span. Continue until you can no longer
2. Ignoring your biorhythm , forgetting to eat on time, too little sleep
3. Look the studying material through quickly and have no idea what is going to be asked on the exam
4. Do not delve into the smaller details, do not learn the little facts
5. Seek a spot to study with lots of noise / distraction or as quiet as you insuft
6. Passively wait and react to to whatever comes up (phone, email, neighbor / female)
7. Let tension get to you, let stress get to you.
8. Thinking about free time while studying and vice versa
9. Worrying that you MUST concentrate: by worrying about this your attention span is lost
10. At any time and always respond to distracting thoughts or persons